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We offer so much more than the traditional regional wine tour. We propose an in-depth visit that goes beyond a corporate tour and blends wine, food, art, architecture, and landscape masterfully. All combined with the company’s history, mostly pertained to wine production. Welcome to Italy, the country of exceptional wine. Here, local producers are able to produce bottles of absolute value appreciated all over the world. A tradition closely linked to the wine region, since local production is completely tied to its intrinsic geography. From this point of view, each region has its own peculiarities and offers exceptional products and premium quality wines. The wine tours offered aim at providing an overview of a region, as they combine winery visit and the wine tastings with the artistic perception of the place.

It is no coincidence that many Italian wineries, among the best known, are real art galleries with valuable architectural styles, such as the new Antinori winery, which also serves as a museum to provide a perfect experience to the visitor that goes beyond the stimulation of all the senses, not just the palate. Moreover, a wine tour can even take place at a castle that produces its own wine, or at an exhibition of contemporary art with a dedicated area for wine production and a cellar that becomes a museum space.

You can get a complete and heterogeneous overview through endless options and pairings. Among the selective choices, there are also tours to wine cellars that were transformed into corporate museums. Here you can discover the winemaking process, and how the barrels were used to store the wine. This can be all perfectly combined with a cultural experience as a result of the visit to the surrounding areas, including the landscape and art around the cellar. In Italy there are many fascinating places, all worth a visit: for example, villages of artisans, where the production of wine takes place with techniques handed down for generations. Not just a trip to a shop, but a real exposure to the history of a given place.