Guided tour of the Vatican Necropolis

necropoli vaticana
necropoli vaticana
The guided tour of the Vatican Necropolis is a unique and exclusive experience that can be done on the occasion of a visit to the Vatican. This is a special tour to be done, and it his under the Basilica, of St. Peter where you can see the famous red wall next to the tomb of Saint Peter.
This is an alternative tour not open to the general public, but which must be reserved a long time before at the Fabbrica of San Pietro following a schedule prepared by the Ufficio Scavi. A special way to experience a trip to Rome amid to see the wonders of the Vatican state.

Exclusive Vatican Necropolis

The visit to the underground Vatican Necropolis can generate some discomfort due to particular environmental conditions, characterized by high humidity and altered temperatures. However it is a unique experience not to be missed; a way to see the wonder of the Vatican Museums from another perspective, in a particular and subjective context away from the crowds of tourists that usually characterize the guided tours of this location..
Specifically, the Vatican Necropolis is located about 10 meters below the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, below the current level of the Vatican caves. It is part of a Roman period funeral area born in the time near what was once the Circus of Nero. In the west side of this necropolis is the tomb of Peter, the most important site of the entire Vatican Necropolis. A striking example of a Roman tomb decorated with stuccos and frescoes typical of the period.

Exclusive visit to the tomb of St. Peter

A place certainly particular to the point that today visitors are only allowed in small groups, no more than 15 people at a time. It is essential to book in time so as to enjoy an incredibly suggestive place of which not everyone is aware. A unique experience for all those who are looking for alternative tourism proposals compared to traditional standards.
This tour his pretty special and exclusive to the point that a number of visitors over a certain threshold cannot be admitted (usually no more than 250 people during the same day).
This is essential to preserve the location and ensure the necessary attention to the preservation of the historical-archaeological site that houses one of the most important relics of history: the original tomb of the Apostle Peter.
Groups that from time to time will come down to visit the Vatican Necropolis can be composed of a maximum of 12 visitors, accompanied by a specialized tour guide. The visit of the tomb of St. Peter has an indicative duration of about 1 hour and a half. An exclusive tour and certainly different from the usual way to enjoy the beauties of Rome.