Quartiere Coppede walking tour

Quartiere Coppedè Roma

Quartiere Coppedè Roma

The Coppedè district is part of the alternative places of Rome, beauties to visit because his an hidden place from the general public. The area was famous also because Beniamino Gigli the famous tenor lived there for a long time.
The quartiere Coppede It is one of the most bizarre and particular quarters of the Rome, has mixture of different styles: from the Liberty, a bit like the Casina delle Civette of Villa Torlonia, to the Art Deco with references also to Gothic, Baroque and Middle Ages and his a big mix of freemason and esoteric links.

History of the Coppedè district

The Coppedè district is made up of about forty buildings located in a Roman residential area not to far from the city center; all the buildings stand out from the rest of the surrounding for their imaginative and unusual style.The district takes its name from the architect who built it in the early decades of the twentieth century commissioned by the Società Anonima Edilizia Moderna.
A very special architecture to the point that the district was chosen as the location for several film sets, including that of the famous Italian horror director, Dario Argento, who set one of his most successful films here: “The bird with crystal feathers “. The district is therefore a recommended destination for all film tourism fans.

Visit the Coppedè district of Rome

This type of tour his an alternative route to traditional visits in Rome. Today the Coppedè district continues to be a place not too visited by the great tourist flow that visit Rome. Yet we talk about a tourist experience of absolute importance: an evocative tour made and city walks through the streets of the district, getting lost among the many buildings with their decorations; the magnificent details of their facades can always give you pleasant surprises.
The Coppedè district in Rome is accessible by a large arch on Via Tagliamento that connects two buildings and acts as an entrance door: in the middle of the square to which you arrive you can contemplate the splendid Fontana of the Frogs. All the buildings in the Coppedè district have something striking to offer: like the many decorations that represent disparate animals, from spiders to wolves; the bas-reliefs and the painted walls; the many historical and artistic references present here and there, such as those in Dante and Petrarca in the complex called Villini delle fate; or those to different Italian cities, especially Venice with the Lion of San Marco and the drawing of a sailing ship and Florence.
A very suggestive area of Rome that represents an alternative way of visiting the city. Not the most famous and touristy places, but something more special that you can do during your tour in Rome experience.