Protestant Cemetery in Rome

Cimitero Acattolico roma

Cimitero Acattolico roma

The Protestant cemetery of Rome is located in the Testaccio district, one of the popular districts of the capital. A place of great charm that attracts the attention of thousands of visitors interested in discovering a suggestive and alternative glimpse of Rome. In fact, the non-Catholic cemetery is located near the Pyramid of Cestius, one of the famous monuments of Rome. A red brick wall in which the entrance gate is made to access this surprising place among nature, trees, and illustrious tombs.

Visit the Acattolico Cemetery in Rome

The Protestant Cemetery of Testaccio in the heart of Rome is privately owned; as a result, it is still an active burial site where family members visit the tombs of their loved. For these to visit the non-Catholic cemetery it is essential to respect some rules in reference to respect for peace.The cemetery is of a non-Catholic nature as a Protestant; which gives the place a different scheme compared to the traditional Catholic cemeteries that we are used to know.
A place where life and death merge with space to activities such as readings, walks and moments of relaxation. A different way of understanding death that is typical of Protestant culture; and that it is possible to fully find this place in the heart of Rome.

The Non-Catholic Cemetery of Rome in Testaccio

A visit to the Protestant Cemetery of Testaccio is a good opportunity to come into contact with a different culture. A rewarding visit from the artistic point of view but also spiritual. A place with over 300 years of history that has given the burial to over 4 thousand bodies.
And there is also talk of characters known as poets, sculptors, politicians, archaeologists, painters, scientists. In addition to the Protestant tombs, it is also possible to come across others belonging to various religions: we speak of Islamism, Buddhism, even Zoroastrianism and Confucianism. Everything is accompanied by inscriptions on the stones in many different languages.
Returning to the graves of famous people that can be found in the Acattolico Cemetery of Rome, we can mention among others the English poets John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley; the son of Goethe, August; Antonio Gramsci. The Acattolico cemetery of Rome is located in Testaccio in via Caio Cestio, side street of via Marmorata on the north side of the pyramid. A very central area of the capital as well as one of the most popular districts of Rome. Reason for which you can take advantage of a visit to the monuments symbol of the city to include in the tour also a passage to the Cimitero Acattolico.