Gardens of Italy: The Vatican and Castel Gandolfo

giardini vaticani
giardini vaticani

A highlight of Rome is to visit the great Italian gardens, more specifically, those belonging to the papal villas. A proposal dedicated to those passionate about architecture and gardens, which translate into a combination strongly present in our country symbolizing excellence since the Renaissance.
Immerse yourself in nature without renouncing the charm of history, meander between universally known historic Italian villas and appreciate their state-of-the-art gardens. Unique and customizable experiences, with a dedicated guide to better enjoy every single aspect of your visit .

The Vatican Gardens

The Vatican Gardens visit is a unique experience for lovers of this type of tourism. Set in the Vatican City, the gardens have always been a place of leisure and tranquility for the popes, who succeeded one after the other in the course of history since 1279, when the papal residence was brought back from Lateran to the Vatican.
Today the Vatican Gardens occupy a large part of the Vatican City area, significantly larger compared to what other buildings do. A “green lung”, a State within the city of Rome, that fascinates and constantly draws millions of tourists and visitors arriving here from all over the world.

The Gardens of Castel Gandolfo

A couple of hours are sufficient to visit all the Vatican Gardens. This experience can be combined with a visit to the Vatican Museums or the Sistine Chapel. Presently, the Gardens are composed of multiple areas that are the headquarters to several state offices of the Vatican. The epoch of reference is the 1500’s: the Renaissance. As previously mentioned, it transpires the flourishing and expansion of the world, mirroring as an absolute excellence in the art of Italian gardens.
In fact, the Vatican Gardens represent the ultimate excellence in their own kind. The Vatican Gardens can be visited early in the morning, starting at 7:30 am, when they are not yet officially open to the general public so as to enjoy the natural spectacle. From there it is then possible to continue to the Gardens of Castel Gandolfo.
Castel Gandolfo, a few kilometers from Rome and over a wonderful lake, has always been the summer residence of the popes. Here you can find papal villas, the extra-territorial area of the Vatican State. Today the papal villas are the result of merging different properties, an operation that had begun during the Renaissance.
You can enjoy a wonderful tour through the main gardens of these archaeological sites passing through ancient ruins and more recently built places. You can also reach the papal villas of Castel Gandolfo directly with a dedicated train that leaves from the Vatican’s internal station. An evocative tour tailored to all lovers of Italian gardens and architecture.