Doria Pamphili palace

Palazzo Doria Pamphili

Palazzo Doria Pamphili

It is the most famous private picture gallery in Rome by virtue of a collection made up of more than 400 paintings all dating back to a period between the 15th and 18th centuries. A collection that was started by Pope Innocenzo X Pamphili in the mid-1600s and that over time has been greatly enriched.
The building bears the name of the noble family Doria Pamphili who has given other works in Rome, such as Villa Pamphili; and preserves the precious gallery of the same name with many works on the inside increased over the years.

The Doria Pamphili Art Gallery

The palace is one of the most important and extensive of Via del Corso, in the heart of Rome, between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia. The facade of the building itself is a masterpiece of art created by Gabriele Valvassori. The collection of the precious and the art gallery was begun by the nephew of Pope Innocent X, Camillo; to be then completed by the Doria Pamphili descended to Rome from Genoa in 1760 with the extinction of the first family branch of the Pamphilj.
The palace had become part of the Pamphili family after the marriage of Camillo with Olimpia Borghese; previously it was known as Palazzo Della Rovere, then Aldobrandini. Today Palazzo Doria Pamphili extends in an area between Piazza del Collegio Romano, Via del Corso and Via del Plebiscito. Not too far from another much-visited place: Palazzo Colonna and its art gallery.

The wonders of the Palazzo Doria Pamphili in Rome

Even today, the building houses a series of works positioned on the entire height of the walls up to the ceilings; the order is the same as that of the time. Among these works, there are masterpieces of a certain importance such as the portrait of Pope Innocent X by Velazquez, the Rest during the flight into Egypt by Caravaggio, the Double Portrait by Raphael and a Salome by Titian.
The Palazzo Doria Pamphili in Rome appears today as a building divided into dozens of apartments; the direct descendants of the family still live in the apartments on the main floor right next to the gallery, still one of the most important artistic heritage in the world.
The Galleria Doria Pamphili is composed today by four arms overlooking the internal courtyard characterized by splendid Renaissance arches; there are also two large rooms inside, the Aldobrandini Hall and the Primitive Hall. These are the areas of the palace where most of the masterpieces of the private collection belonging to the Pamphili family are concentrated.
A place full of history, charm, culture, and art; It is no coincidence that the Palazzo Doria Pamphili in Rome, with its marvelous private gallery, is one of the most visited places for art lovers from all over the world. An ideal destination for a visit to Rome beyond the most famous beauties visited by tourists from all over the world.