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Jewish catacombs in Rome

Catacombe ebraiche roma

Visit the Jewish Catacombs of Vigna Randanini in Rome The Jewish catacombs of Vigna Randanini in Rome on the Appian Way are the second catacombs of Rome to have been found in order of time. The tunnels wind below the…
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Protestant Cemetery in Rome

Cimitero Acattolico roma

The Non-Catholic Cemetery of Rome in Testaccio A visit to the Protestant Cemetery of Testaccio is a good opportunity to come into contact with a different culture. A rewarding visit from the artistic point of view but also spiritual. A…
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Mausoleum of Santa Costanza

Mausoleo di Santa Costanza

Visit to the Mausoleum of Santa Costanza and Catacombs of Santa Agnese The complex of buildings is located on Via Nomentana, after the intersection with Viale XXI Aprile, and is formed by the church of S. Agnese, the catacombs, a…
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Doria Pamphili palace

Palazzo Doria Pamphili

The wonders of the Palazzo Doria Pamphili in Rome Even today, the building houses a series of works positioned on the entire height of the walls up to the ceilings; the order is the same as that of the time….
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Pastificio Cerere

Pastificio Cerere

Visit to the Pastificio Cerere in Rome A tour at the Pastificio Cerere in Rome, in the San Lorenzo area near the Termini station, is an experience recommended to contemporary art lovers; as for travelers wishing to discover alternative places…
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Casa del Jazz in Rome

Casa del Jazz roma

Visit the Casa del Jazz in Rome And a guided tour of the Casa del Jazz in Rome can be a unique opportunity not only for fans of this musical genre: but for all those who are interested in enjoying…
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Valentini Palace Domus Romane

Domus Romana

The Domus Romane of Palazzo Valentini The one that stands in the basement of Palazzo Valentini is a Roman Domus of the imperial age that belonged to a very popular family of the time, probably a senator. The big news…
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Quartiere Coppede walking tour

Quartiere Coppedè Roma

Visit the Coppedè district of Rome This type of tour his an alternative route to traditional visits in Rome. Today the Coppedè district continues to be a place not too visited by the great tourist flow that visit Rome. Yet…
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Villa Torlonia and the Casa delle Civette

casina civette

Guided tour to visit to Villa Torlonia with the Casina delle Civette One of the points of greatest interest is the Casina delle Civette: a particular Art Nouveau monument behind which is hidden a fairy-tale building. The name ‘Casina delle…
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