Experiences and architecture


Architectural tours and itineraries for professionals and enthusiasts, who wish to experience a true journey based on such concept; these are proposals addressed to “architurists” and carefully designed for them. Italy I Love You creates artfully customized proposals of architectural itineraries with expert guides in this sector, who are very familiar with the most evocative places in Italy. Solutions outlined and thought-out based on individual needs to guarantee exclusivity. We appeal to anyone who is passionate about the architectural industry: professional studios, architects, designers, or the simple curious, all eager to undertake architectural walks among the many that our country has to offer.

This is a priceless heritage that can be explored and discovered by those wishing to deepen their knowledge of this interesting subject. Architecture can also serve the purpose of looking at cities from another perspective and discover them with a different eye. Experiencing the architectural Italian heritage is a passport to access Italian history and styles to ultimately understand the geographic evolution of each particular site. Therefore, architecture becomes the ultimate expression of universal language that unites the world with its history.

The client can choose from a series of architectural tours ranging from the traditional Palladian Villas to the Renaissance in Florence, or the Venice Biennale through Rationalism and Roman Baroque, and other more sought-after tours, including the design tours in Milan. This is a perfect way to discover the entire peninsula, covering in depth the different architectural styles. One’s architectural journey is a real and intimate voyage through time enjoying close-up artistic experiences to the fullest.

We offer exclusive proposals for our clients, all with in-depth insights directly on site, thanks to the support and know-how of industry experts. Discover Italy through its rich architectural heritage; see it with a different eye, the one of an “insider”. Our professionals will help you grasp a new viewpoint in this fascinating field. Aimed at the general public, architects or simply enthusiasts, who wish to enjoy architecture and travelling as a path to connect to the real essence of the many artistic sites in Italy. New travel experiences focused on the 360-degree architecture world, covering every single style, from modern to contemporary.