Experiential Tourism


Italy I Love You is a project designed to expose you to the Italian cult of Seizing Life, inspired our country’s natural beauty. A tourism consulting company, targeting corporate clients, that strives to offer services with the highest quality standard. Our ultimate goal is to help both corporate and private clients to experience the best of Italy, providing a more experiential tourism, completely set aside from the traditional one. We offer exceptional services to clients so that they can ultimately experience distinctive and original moments with outstanding quality.

We provide personalized solutions and exclusive trips to unravel the beauty of Italy: carefully organized private visits, customized events, thought-out itineraries of the most considered hidden gems. The entire scope of the experience is based upon a constant search for quality, taking into consideration an undeniable contingency: tourism has undergone a profound change in recent years and travellers are increasingly looking for unique experiences in out-of-the-ordinary situations. This is the essence of experiential tourism.

An exclusive selection for private individuals and companies, Italian or international, who wish to personally witness excellence thanks to distinct tourism experiences, both from a client’s and employee’s perspective. Our consulting firm’s goal is to offer the best of Italy with highest quality for individual experiences. Our network of contacts, and a constant search for what our country has to offer, can certainly help us achieve this goal.

With a balanced exchange between tradition and new trends in art, culture and leisure, Italy I Love You will take you on a path premium quality standards; experiences related to the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of Italy, aimed at those looking for personalized advice during their travels. A tourism proposition tailored to the needs of the client, specifically designed to provide unique and tailor-made experiences of exceptional quality.